It was film night at  Hilgay Village Hall, near Downham Market and what an enjoyable experience it was. There were about 20 people in the audience and each were drawn into the harrowing, sometimes darkly humorous, story of life on the dole in the 21st Century as portrayed by Director, Ken Loach in I, Daniel Blake. When the lights came up at the end of the film there was still a stunned silence that filled the room;  eventually broken by a round of spontaneous applause which broke out around the hall. As I looked around I could see people were viably upset by what they had experienced and there were certainly members of the audience who were crying tears of sorrow. As we all sat down to discuss the film and say hello there was true shock expressed as to the modern system of signing-on in the UK. A real counterpoint to the Channel 5 series Benefit Britain.

The film was presented as part of the excellent  ‘village hall’ scheme run by Creative Arts East.

Hilgay Village Hall itself is owned by The Feoffee Charity and its voluntary Management Committee run it for the benefit of the people living in Hilgay and Ten Mile Bank. So, thanks to the magnificent team of volunteers who made the evening possible. They are always looking for new volunteers so should you like to donate some of your time please contact one of the Hilgay team.

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