Spring Snowdrop Walk through Lexham Estate

Earlier this year on a bright spring afternoon, I and my family visited Lexham Estate in the Upper Nar Valley of West Norfolk.

The Estate and its house (see picture below from the Estate website) were established in the 16th Century by the aristocratic Wodehouse family.


The Wodehouse family was politically and militarily active throughout the Elizabethan, Cromwellian and Georgian epochs and amassed its wealth through political connections and, no doubt, through the wealth created and stimulated by the transatlantic slave trade. A branch of the family also includes the avid late-Victorian, Liberal-colonialist, John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberly. I’ll certainly research, further, the history of this family.

Today Lexham is a privately owned 4,400 acre estate ; it is home to the Foster family whose house is not open to the public; though the gardens are open on specific days of the year; such as for the Spring snowdrop walk.

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